"A teddy bear is your childhood wrapped up in faded yellow fur, and as such, he commands affection long after he is out grown." - Pam Brown


Since 1991, Basically Bears has found homes for “newborn” or “orphaned” teddy bears and collectibles into the loving arms of those of us who decided long ago that growing up DOESN’T mean giving up a best friend.

We source some of the most unique teddy bears and collectibles in all of New England, fashioned with love by nationally and internationally acclaimed artists. Founded by enthusiast Marie Poole, whose real affection for each and every teddy bear, means carefully selecting teddy bears who are as unique as they are high quality.

“Every teddy bear has a real personality for me. They are almost like having a big family. If a teddy bear talks to you, then you just may have to buy it.” – Marie Poole

Marie selects teddy bears and teddy bear friends that blend well with antiques and enjoys displaying them along with antique accessories. Collectors will also find teddy bear friends such as; a rabbit here and there, a few cats, elephants, and an occasional opossum. There is something for everyone from miniatures teddy bears to life size “baby” teddy bears who can sit at the table with you. Stay, shop…find just the friend who speaks to you. We’re sure to have the perfect bruin or friend to enhance your collection.

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